About FLN – Podcast

This is the FLN – Podcast. FLN is the Florida Lawyers Network which is an outstanding network of highly-skilled and well-qualified attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida and someday beyond.

This Podcast is designed to give listeners a great opportunity to hear the story about the FLN journey, the FLN history, and the FLN adventure on how, when and why the entire organization got started.

On the FLN – Podcast – we will get a chance to explore many great ideas on marketing, networking and business development as we interview many of the [FLN – Members] that have been a valuable and integral part of the organization.

Ultimately, the FLN Podcast will be a great way to introduce the organization to listeners, and this Podcast show allows listeners to get ready for the companion podcast that will be known as “Lawyers On the Mic.”

Stay tuned…..

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