1. What is the Florida Lawyers Network?

Host: Mo ElDeiry

In the inaugural episode of the FLN Podcast, host Mo El Deiry introduces listeners to the Florida Lawyers Network (FLN) and its mission. The primary aim of the podcast is to foster discussions on building, developing, and maintaining long-term professional connections among experienced attorneys and professionals. Mo emphasizes the importance of networking in the legal field, not just for the sake of knowing people but for creating valuable, enduring relationships.

The episode outlines the core values and mission of FLN, which include providing consistent value to others, helping others succeed, maintaining professionalism and courtesy, and paying attention to details. The host also explains the structure of FLN, highlighting its exclusive yet diverse membership criteria, requiring at least five years of legal experience. He touches on the organization’s history, its goals for expansion, and the benefits of being part of such a network.

Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast for future episodes, which promise to be exciting, educational, enlightening, energetic, and entertaining. Mo concludes by reminding listeners to approach their professional interactions with enthusiasm and to make a positive impact every day.


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Show Notes

Main Segment:

>> Introduction to FLN Podcast:

    • Encouragement to listen to episode zero for background.
    • Purpose: Building long-term professional connections.

>> Mission and Core Values of FLN:

    • Providing value and benefit to others.
    • Helping others succeed.
    • Importance of connections.
    • Professionalism and courtesy.
    • Attention to details and accuracy.
    • Communication.
    • Thinking big and making things captivating.

>> FLN Structure:

    • Membership criteria: Minimum of five years of legal experience.
    • Diversity and exclusivity in membership.
    • Benefits of having multiple attorneys in each practice area.

>> History and Goals:

    • Creation and growth of FLN since 2010.
    • Goals for expansion beyond Florida.

>> Engagement and Participation:

    • Importance of regular attendance and participation.
    • Creating valuable connections and friendships.

Call to Action: