FLN – Episode 4 of 4 in the FAQ Series – Being a Part of FLN

Host: Mo ElDeiry

In this episode of the FLN Podcast, Mo ElDeiry discusses being part of FLN, covering the FLN Power Lunch, frequency of FLN Chapter m=Meetings, how members help each other succeed, referrals, and the FLN Video Channel. He emphasizes the importance of active participation and mutual support among members.


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Show Notes


  • Mo ElDeiry introduces himself as a member of the Florida Bar since 1997 and founder of FLN.
  • This episode is part four of the Frequently Asked Questions series.

4 of 4 in the FAQs Series – Being a Part of FLN

  1. FLN Power Lunch:
    • Small group gatherings between chapter meetings to foster connections and trust.
    • Crucial for sustaining FLN’s success by facilitating member interactions.
  2. Frequency of FLN Chapter Meetings:
    • Monthly meetings provide educational opportunities and networking.
    • Members encouraged to maintain connections between meetings to maximize benefits.
  3. How FLN Members Help Each Other Succeed:
    • Member support crucial for success through referrals and resources.
    • Highlights the significance of active participation in facilitating mutual growth.
  4. Referrals:
    • Referrals earned through consistent support and value contribution, not automatic privileges.
    • Stress on building and nurturing long-term connections for successful referrals.
  5. FLN Video Channel:
    • Platform designed for consumer education and member visibility.
    • Encourages members to contribute professional videos to showcase expertise and assist consumers.


  • Mo ElDeiry concludes with a reminder to captivate and excel in utilizing FLN resources.
  • Encourages listeners to stay tuned for future episodes and developments within FLN.