FLN – Episode 3 of 4 in the FAQ Series – Questions on [FLN – Membership]

Host: Mo ElDeiry

In this episode of the FLN Podcast, host Mo ElDeiry explores the different types of memberships available within the Florida Lawyers Network (FLN), the benefits of FLN Membership, the requirements to become an FLN Member, and the specific steps for applying for membership. The host emphasizes the importance of building connections and fostering relationships within the legal community.


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Show Notes


  • Mo ElDeiry introduces himself as a member of the Florida Bar since 1997 and discusses the inception of the FLN in 2010.

3 of 4 in the FAQs Series – Questions on FLN – Membership

  1. Types of Memberships:
    • Legal Members: Attorneys licensed to practice law in Florida in specific areas.
    • Mediators: Supreme Court mediators capable of mediating disputes.
    • Financial Members: Professionals offering financial services like banking, accounting, or wealth management.
    • Strategic Members: Providers of products or services beneficial to the legal community, such as court reporters or legal marketers.
  2. Benefits of Membership:
    • Building long-term connections with experienced attorneys.
    • Access to a network for referrals and knowledge sharing.
    • Personal and professional development opportunities.
  3. Requirements for Membership:
    • Proficiency in designated areas of practice.
    • Ability to provide value to other members.
    • Regular attendance and participation in FLN Chapter Meetings.
  4. Steps for Applying for Membership:
    • Attend an FLN Chapter Meeting to assess fit and introduce oneself.
    • Request an FLN Invitation to apply.
    • Submit necessary requirements for evaluation by the FLN home office.
    • Circulate applicant’s name among Chapter members for feedback and evaluation.


  • Mo ElDeiry wraps up the episode, encouraging listeners to make the most of their connections and opportunities within the FLN.